Souvenir - Design

Souvenir – Design
Exhibition of the Hungarian Museum of Commerce and Hospitality
Ornaments of a bygone age with today's eyes. After nationalization, significant changes also took place in the fine ceramics industry in Hungary. From the 60s onwards, items designed by the new generation appeared on the shelves offering decorative items in addition to the traditional objects. The category of souvenirs also needed to be modernized. The Council of Applied Arts has announced a tender for the renewal of souvenir objects . The stickers on the exhibition were also made at this time. In addition to mass-produced products, a selection of original graphic designs will also be presented. These designs are timeless – as we look at the objects of a bygone age, it inevitably comes to mind that they would stand their ground perfectly in this new millennium as well.

Curators: Tamás Borbély, Imre Kiss, Judit Sebők