Sugarcraft by Eszter Kanyári

Sugar flower making workshop

10.10, 11. 11:00 Food Design

In making sugar flowers, Eszter Kanyári has found what she was always looking for: the innovative power of craftsmanship. The audience can learn from her how to make evergreen Sugarcraft cake decorations at her online workshop. Starring: autumn.

Why not place mushrooms or firethorn on top of a cake? Eszter Kanyári asked herself this question when she decided this year to found Sugarcraft by Eszter Kanyári. With her thorough knowledge of plants, she hand-forms each of her realistic sugar paste flowers one by one, using tools some of which she made herself. You can encounter her unique cake decorations not only at weddings but also in Hungarian and foreign magazines.

Although Eszter has only recently launched her craft business, which has grown out of her hobby, she keeps receiving orders one after the other. This time, she allows a peek at the making of her edible flowers, the innovative representatives of food design.

During Budapest Design Week, Eszter will please the audience with an online workshop, where they can learn how to make sugar paste flowers matching the colours of autumn, without any special base materials and tools.