Studio NUR

Studio NUR members talk about their favourite projects

10.5. 13:00 Graphic Design, Animation, Photo, Media Design

If one is looking for the most versatile graphic design partnership in Budapest, one surely cannot ignore Studio NUR. During the Budapest Design Week, Eszter Laki and Réka Imre are set to expect an audience for a ZOOM meeting.

Eszter Laki and Réka Imre both graduated from the University of Fine Arts, with a few years apart, though. The story of Studio NUR started with Réka’s internship at Eszter’s, who had been a freelance graphic designer for ten years by then. It was clear for Eszter right on the first day that Réka will be an excellent partner for her in designing, so they started working as co-creators almost from the beginning.

Since, during the past three years, they have left their mark on numerous drink labels, Hungarian products, as well as multiple bars and restaurants in Budapest and abroad. Their joint work proved so successful that they received a Red Dot Award in 2019 for their playful menu card set designed for Michelin-starred restaurant Costes.

Yet, books represent the greatest challenge for them, given that paper offers numerous possibilities for experimentation and allows great latitude. Their primary consideration on selecting base material is to print on recycled paper containing, for example, orange shavings.

Eszter and Réka will welcome the audience for a ZOOM meeting within the programme series Open Studios, where they will talk about their favourite projects.