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The Legacy of Our Grandmothers - About our Traditions in Person

10.2-11. Textile, Fashion, Jewellery, Exhibition, Lecture, discussion, Opening event

What does tradition mean?

The Open Workshop of the House of Traditions announces an online competition for individuals, hobby creators, craftsmen, designers, in which it encourages those interested to discover and get to know their grandparents' past, object culture, and their own forgotten traditions and craft heritage. Another goal of the call is to recycle, change our way of thinking, and increase the value of the time spent on handicrafts.

In the call, the organizers expect photos and stories of objects that are related to individuals, families and can be linked to the word “tradition” and ask that the objects be photographed in a modern setting. The most beautiful photos and the best stories will be posted on the House of Traditions Facebook page.

Related events:

October 2, 2020, from 4 p.m.

The "Little Black Dress 2020" online gallery received accessories for the little black dress, based on the motifs, forms and technical solutions of the Hungarian folk costumes.


October 6, 2020, 7:00 p.m.

Streamed conversation about tradition with the invited guests of the House of Traditions in connection with the announced competition.

Our cooperating partner: the Academy of Handicraft

THE ACADEMY OF HANDICRAFTS - Orsolya Springer and Adrienne Körtvély - consider the masterpieces of traditional folk handicrafts as an inspiring source in the object culture of the 21st century. In the course of their work, they find that customers are grateful for personalizing their environment and clothes through artistic handicrafts. Their activities are a common set of the world of craft and sustainable design, so they consider it important to represent this at Budapest Design Week.

The full announcement of the tender will be available on www.hagyomanyokhaza.hu from 25 September 2020.