Design fair of contemporary industrial designers in B32 Galéria és Kultúrtér

A fair of contemporary Hungarian industrial designers on the entire territory of B32 GALÉRIA ÉS KULTÚRTÉR, with over 40 exhibitors. Renovated and expanded in 2014, Bartók32 Galéria, currently under the name B32 Galéria és Kultúrtér, expects lovers of culture with contemporary theatrical and musical programmes, as well as fine arts and industrial design exhibitions. To complement industrial design exhibitions, initially minor thematic design fairs were added for visitors, which later gave rise to the idea of a major art fair. Known as Premium Art Fair organised by jewellery designers Ágnes Bartha and Fanni Király, the most renowned industrial designers are regularly invited to the event to exhibit and sell their works three times a year, this time as one of the programmes of Budapest Design Week.

Exhibitors include: Klára Abaffy, Judit Bráda, Márta Edőcs, Noémi Gera, Nati Gyulai, Krisztina Kuti, Zoltán Lublóy, Csimota Kiadó, ETNOMÁD, Kinga Rofusz, Bori Segesdi, Katalin Szegedi, Ágnes Smetana, Réka Tóth-Vásárhelyi, Kata Trom.

Free entrance.