Not Quite California Wonder

De-constructing the Myth of Paprika Production

10.10. 11:00 Food Design, Workshop

Paprika is a currency of values, that is cultivated in micro-sensored labs. This hollow berry is filled with engineered taste, artificial love and hate, man-made colour, geometry and genetic Boogie. It is an all year long harvested yellow delirium and dark red threat.

Participate in a half-day design-thinking workshop, where we will engage with the changing fashion of food production and the emerging lack of diversity of crops around the world. We will explore the role of paprika over time as plant, food, industry, symbol of political power and ecological catalyst.

The workshop is urged by the global insecurity of food production we face today. We will establish an ephemeral laboratory to investigate, experiment and archive contemporary paprika varieties. We will invent alternative archiving devices and wicked scales to measure taste, colour and geometry. We will investigate how robots see, feel and experience the paprika.

The participants will get familiar with basic photogrammetry technologies and document a paprika fruit through using various scientific devices and subjective scales. We will reflect on the threats of mass consumerism and monoculture driven food industry through investigating possible alternative speculative scenarios. The workshop is in English.

Fuzzy is a Budapest based multidisciplinary design and research practice formed by Tekla Gedeon and Sebastian Gschanes. Fuzzy creates spaces, objects and events that explore our relationship with nature and technology.

Meet us at Kisdiófa Közösségi Kert on Saturday.