No Quitting! online exhibition (in English)

09.30, 10.1. Join the Circle!, Article

Budapest Design Week’s online, interactive exhibition showcasing inspiring and exciting Hungarian design projects from the field of a circular economy and sustainability – with photos, videos and descriptions.

The online exhibition No quitting! circular design explores the opportunities of the circular economic model: it presents Hungarian projects that have proved their success as large industrial or medium-sized enterprises, projects, or small-scale initiatives, and can set good examples to further projects to be implemented in the future, or to designers, manufacturers and partners in search of cooperation.

Besides large-scale businesses that run also manufacturing units or projects focusing on R&D or urban design, individual projects and brands by designers and designer studios are also available to look through at the online interactive exhibition organised by Budapest Design Week. Arranged in four thematic units, the exhibition shows how to stay in the circle and why it is not worth quitting – the “exhibited” projects are well worth browsing!

Please click here to enter the virtual exhibition.