Art For Future - International Eco-Art Festival

Reciprok - International Eco-Art Virtual Exhibition and Online Charity Eco-Art Auction

Art for the Future - International Eco-Art Festival

The festival has been implemented since 2009, until now with the cooperation and support of environmentally conscious artists and institutions from 38 countries, including embassies, ministries, museums, cultural institutes and universities. The primary goal of the annual series of festivals is to present environmentally conscious art that promotes sustainability and a change in social attitudes, and to generate international intercultural dialogue.
RECIPROK - International Eco-Design Exhibition
The exhibition features eco-design clothes, jewelery, home furnishings and furniture, as well as environmentally conscious works of art. Among them are the innovative projects of the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts - Institute of Design, MA training - Eco-design Course, various works of the exhibitors of the Folk Applied Arts Museum, Eco-Design Team eco-design home furnishing items, ReCecil jewelry collection, recycled paper jewelry from Finland, Felt jewelery from France and an eco-design dress from Estonia from Marta Moorats collection.
Charity online auction
Proceeds from the sale of art materials from this year’s exhibitions at the Art For Future - International Eco-Art Festival will be donated to the Heim Pál Children’s Hospital for charity to help sick children at particular risk in the current health situation.
Key collaborating partners:
National Council for Sustainable Development
Moholy-Nagy University of Arts
Folk Museum of Applied Arts
Estonian Institute in Hungary