What Does Sustainable Service Mean?

10.9. Join the Circle!, Design Management, Digital Technology, UX Design, Workshop

The aim of the organizers' online workshop is to design a sustainable service along the process of research / insight collection - brainstorming - concept finalization - prototyping - testing - lessons learned.


· The trend in recent years in the telecommunications sector is to achieve unlimited (unlimited calling, unlimited data): where to go from here?

· The situation caused by the coronavirus confirmed the indispensability of proficiency in the digital space and the importance of keeping in touch with our loved ones without interruption. How have our habits changed?

As a responsible company, organizers want to help their clients protect our environment and develop digital competencies. At the workshop, a service will be designed with applicants that will provide a solution to these challenges!

Why you should join:

The past few months have also challenged the company’s design team, with their workshops having to be reorganized into online space overnight. In this workshop, those interested can get tips and tricks on how to run online, effective design workshops.

Founded a year ago, Vodafone Design Lab brings together graphics, service design, UX / UI design and UX writing professionals. With them, customer-centric thinking is the foundation of every process, so they can create solutions that respond to real needs, and thanks to agile operation, they monitor customer feedback and respond / change as needed to create as much value for users as possible.