Like a clam at high tide

Online exhibition

10.8. 18:00 Design Management, Graphic Design, Animation, Photo, Media Design, Exhibition

Every single day in home office feels like wiggling like fish out of water, not to mention that neither us nor our clients are as happy as a clam. Maybe we can turn out to be just a little fish facing sharks, and we can find ourselves between the devil and the deep blue sea when it comes to receiving our payment or even signing a contract. It is hard to fish for assignments, but there is still hope that one day we will be the golden fish that will finally not be requested to make more than three modifications.

The project aims to reflect on these phenomena in the framework of an online exhibition with the creators’ participation, to start a discourse on freelancers’ everyday lives, bringing closer together the representatives of various fields, and to shed light on how exactly a cultural manager can help designers. The challenges are real and can appear in most varied forms; but owing to the fact that the generally appearing patterns become visible and common talk, there is a possibility to act against them. So, maybe one day freelancers can live happily as a clam at high tide.

The exhibition material consists of static images and motion pictures, gifs and animations created by invited artists from the creative sector. Nearly 50 subjects are available to the designers; moreover, they may develop any idea of their own. There is no restriction regarding the selection of a visual expression method, the only expectation is to make a reference to the title of the exhibition. The exhibition will be accessible on Balka’s website and social media platforms. Click here for the event link.