Mandragora Design

Visit Mandragora Design’s showroom

10.1-6. Textile, Fashion, Jewellery

Shoes by Nóra Scherfel herald comfort and naturalness. The showroom of Mandragora Design will expect visitors until well into the evening, letting them explore the autumn collection and place custom orders.

The brand’s philosophy appears even in Mandragora’s logo: eco-consciousness and femininity. For nature-lover Nóra Scherfel, founder of the brand and designer of the shoes, an ecological approach was important as early as on launching the brand, while she also wanted to present her customers with unparalleled comfort that is rare on the footwear market.

Nóra turned her back on nearly 10 years of employment in the corporate sector when she decided to follow a master shoemaker and immerse herself in the world of shoe lasts. She was aware at that point that she is interested more in materials than models, so she designed the shoes developed by her in various colours and with original Italian leather upper parts. Under the brand Mandragora Design, only as many pairs of sandals, ballerina flats, oxfords and boots are manufactured as many are surely sold, and any surplus is a given to jewellery makers who gift Nóra’s customers bracelets and earrings in return.

Those visiting Nóra’s showroom in the embrace of nature in Pasaréti út, can take their time selecting from Mandragora shoes and can place custom orders until late in the evening – and may even get a little surprise. Besides, Nóra is preparing an online programme, too, on her Facebook page, where she presents her brans and her latest collection.