Hungarian Design Award winner: ZIGZAG boulder wall system

Created by: HBH — Tamás Erdélyi, Bernát Gara, Szabolcs Csepregi, customer, Produced by: H3Hungary Kft.

10.1. Hungarian Design Award, Article, Opening event

Hungarian Design Awards were conferred on 1 October. From the awardees, we are now presenting the Zigzag boulder wall system, winner of the Product category.

HBH (Hard Body Hang) is a company specialised in the design and manufacture of outdoor sports fields for bodyweight training, related accessories and furniture, and its mission is to provide everyday sports facilities, primarily in outdoor parks. The ZigZag modular climbing wall allows the construction of systems with a geometry similar to that of boulders: its tetrahedral and octahedral elements can be used to create a variety of spatial forms, both block-like and fragmented, similar to those found in nature. Simple playground climbers for developing coordination, as well as more complex versions with surfaces featuring frequent overhangs that are more difficult to climb can be equally easily assembled, depending on the angle of inclination of the sides. The arrangement and amount of holds can be freely varied, and the different routes are marked in different colours, so the climber always knows which level of difficulty to choose. The materials are resistant to environmental impacts, the finished walls can be used without security ropes, and the shock absorbent cladding provides adequate cushioning against falls from heights of up to three metres.

Arguments of the assessment board

The ZigZag boulder modular climbing wall system is a product of HBH (Hard Body Hang), a company focused on the production and design of equipment systems for public sports fields, which incorporates the essence of the company's experience gathered over the years of its activities. It is a very fresh, airy and abstract large-scale construction toy, which must also withstand very heavy static and physical stresses. This is what makes it brilliant: it can be light and playful, built simply and with precision, while offering outstanding technical content at the same time. The other great value of the system lies in the abstraction of the shaping of form. HBH has dared to touch the organic, highly articulated and complex shapes of rock walls. Considered geometrically, a tetrahedron and octahedron-based system of forms was developed. By varying these, almost every climbing position can be modelled, creating a characteristic set of forms that lend the system originality and uniqueness. Moreover, the colour use and the design of accessories blend well into the concept. The ZigZag boulder is a world-class example of how design thinking, combined with high quality technical content and a culture of craftsmanship, can create a sophisticated, valuable product.

Photo: Gergő Pálmai – photo, Tamás Erdélyi – render

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