Winner of Hungarian Design award: TILT chair and armchair

Created by: Planbureau – Dániel Lakos, manufactured by: Balaton Bútor Kft.

10.1. Hungarian Design Award, Article, Opening event

Hungarian Design Awards were conferred on 1 October. From the awardees, we are now presenting the series of chairs Tilt by winner of the category of Products Dániel Lakos.

The uniqueness that can be achieved in the context of large-scale production is a constant theme of professional reflection among designers. For more than ten years, Dániel Lakos has been investigating the repetition of almost identical elements found in nature (leaves, water droplets) and their reproducibility in mass-produced products. His collection is inspired by the sight of masses of chairs at conferences and restaurants, and focuses on the small differences that can be observed in nature rather than the uniform overall image. He slightly tilted and then mirrored the rectangular backrests of the gently curved seating. Three versions were created: a symmetrical one, one tilted slightly left and one tilted slightly right, which, even when arranged in strict rows, give the impression that each piece of furniture is slightly different from the others. The ergonomics of these light and delicate chairs are not affected by the different contours of the backrests, and the range meets every respect of the requirements of furniture for public use.

Arguments of the assessment board

In 2018, the TILT chair emerged as a product owing to the creative support of the College of Applied Arts of the National Cultural Fund (NKA). Chair design is a special field. It is very slow for seating furniture to become a competitive product within the relatively narrow framework of domestic production capacity, development opportunities and research. The designer was right to choose Balaton Bútorgyár, a company with a specialised bent-board manufacturing background, for the approval process and serial production. Enumerating the parts of the chair: made of a single element, the seat and backrest are integrally connected to the legs, and are ergonomically sophisticated in design. The seat plate's adherence to the legs and the backrest's unsupported design make maximum use of the flexibility of plywood, but do not make it unsafe to use. The result is an excellent product of exemplary design, competitive on the domestic and foreign markets. The furniture set has been included in the HFDA Budapest Select exhibition programme. It debuted at the London Design Fair in autumn 2019. At the same time, the product was also available for the Hungarian public to see at Salon Budapest. In January 2020, the furniture collection was also presented at the Maison et Objet exhibition in Paris, now as a complete nine-piece series. This spring, the factory has already received a few communal orders - the first Tilt chairs will be installed in the community space of a monastic order and in a museum.

Photo: Balaton Bútor

The online exhibition showcasing this year’s recipients of the Hungarian Design Award and the Design Management award is available for viewing here.