Winner of Hungarian Design Award: FOCUS EX browser extension

Created by: Szabolcs Vatány, university: Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design

10.1. Hungarian Design Award, Article, Opening event

Hungarian Design Awards were conferred on 1 October. From the awardees, we are now presenting the winner of the Student category, Focus Ex browser extension.

The digital text reading tool has been originally designed with the needs of people with ADHD in mind. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is an umbrella term for a neurological syndrome that causes many difficulties in everyday life. One of the most common symptoms is difficulty in maintaining attention, especially when reading a text. The programme helps you filter out distractions, segment text content and replace the targeted text with a customised font setting to help you focus more. Accordingly, it offers a meticulously rationed rather than fast access to a deeper understanding of the content. The typeface not only assists the reader with its characteristics of format but also offers a new reading experience, as it becomes interactive at the touch of a button. Thanks to the variable technology, not only the size of the letters, but also their width, thickness and even the intensity of focus can be customised. In addition, the words in the selected text can be highlighted similarly to being viewed through a magnifying glass, which enhances the quality of memorisation of the content.

Arguments of the assessment board

The development of the digital text reading tool was preceded by a long period of individual in-depth research. The project aimed primarily at helping people with ADHD was a complex task and the various functions were developed on the basis of extensive research. The complexity of the project is demonstrated by the fact that a customisable font was developed for the extension, which not only supports users with its features of format but can also be used interactively. The fresh and functional graphical interfaces, icons and the presentation website associated with the project guide the user and aid interpretation with minimal visual tools. The main strength of the entry, which takes into account a very wide range of design considerations, is that it uses a typeface format with only few ideas offered yet for exploiting its basically functional use. It is convincing and commendable that the appropriate use of a technological innovation can be integrated into our visual culture with the utmost naturalness - helping users with difficulties.

Photo: Szabolcs Vatány

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