Winner of Hungarian Design Award special prize: FRIGO modular fridge

Created by: Márton Kispál, University: Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design

10.1. Hungarian Design Award, Article, Opening event

Hungarian Design Awards were conferred on 1 October. From the awardees, we are now presenting the special prize winner of the State Secretariat for Higher Education, Innovation and Vocational Training operating under the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, the Frigo modular fridge.

The Frigo range of modular, disinfecting and refrigerating products have redefined food storage, taking the functions of traditional refrigerators and giving them a new shape. It has been designed with the configuration of the home in mind, studying the changed habits of eating and storage, and boldly taking the familiar fridge and breaking it down into different functionalities. One of the strengths of the design is that it incorporates sustainability on several levels. By incorporating a sanitising function, food can be kept fresh or preserved for longer, reducing food waste, on the one hand. On the other hand, by breaking down the units into smaller, functionally distinct units, the appliance uses less energy to re-cool after opening. And by incorporating smart features and using the app, the storage of chilled food and shopping can be controlled and easily managed at a household level. The jury was particularly impressed with the way the traditional fridge was reinterpreted using existing technologies and a novel modular product range was designed.

Arguments of the assessment board

Thanks to freer and more casual lifestyles, a room is no longer limited to a single function, so meals and even food storage are no longer necessarily linked to the kitchen. Frigo refrigeration and disinfection food storage system represents a response to these changing living conditions and situations. The product is available in three different sizes: the smallest version is mainly used for keeping leftovers, fruit and vegetables fresh, the middle one for large kitchen-centred foods, while the largest one follows the compartmentalisation of traditional fridges. The design of the series evokes both the characteristics of classic ornamental bowls and the aesthetics of modern small machines. Their internal construction follows the customary system seen in domestic appliances, and the cooling process also follows the same principle. In addition to cooling, the appliance also has a sterilisation function combining multiple technologies. Also, it can recognise the foods placed inside in a matter of tenths of a second, which can be listed in an app to make shopping easier.

Photo: Márton Kispál

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