Hungarian Design Award special prize: AXIS PRO measuring cell

Created by: Remion Design Kft., customer, manufacturer: Losonczi Innovation Kft.

10.1. Hungarian Design Award, Article, Opening event

Hungarian Design Awards were conferred on 1 October. From the awardees, we are now presenting the recipient of the special prize offered by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, Axis Pro measuring cell.

The production of parts for the automotive industry is a specialised job requiring exceptional precision. Each component is typically inspected using hand-held tools, but these are only capable of inspecting a single dimension. They are complicated to use and the administration of the measured data is slow and cumbersome, given that up to 20 to 30 dimensions have to be recorded for a single workpiece.

The newly developed digital measuring cell has been integrated into the workflow so that quality control can be carried out without any loss of time. A blocking station integrated in the conveyor belt stops the workpiece at the right point and position. A robot picks up a part, removes any contamination with the help of a cleaning unit, and then places it in the correct position inside the measuring cell, where it takes the necessary measurements and evaluates the results during the production cycle time. The machine calibrates itself with a reference standard tested on another certified measuring machine and compares the dimensions of the workpiece produced with it.

Arguments of the assessment board

The AXIS PRO measuring device by Losonczi Innovation Ltd. is a computer controlled and evaluated measuring device for axle type parts, which checks and documents all dimensions of each part according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications, reads the QR code from the workpiece and links it to the measurement result, and then sends feedback to the production machine, which makes the necessary corrections based on the values obtained. The device is fully automated, suitable for manual or robotic service.

The company developing the product, Losonczi Innovation Kft., is a Hungarian family-owned company with a 25-year history, which designs and manufactures unique cutting tools, tool holders, devices and measuring instruments. In addition to high professional quality, the company places great emphasis on communicating this outstanding quality in its corporate identity, product design and innovation. Remion Design Ltd. was commissioned by the customer to design AXIS PRO; this collaboration has produced outstanding results in the industrial design category. In addition to the design of the device casing and monitor arm, the management software identity, the Axis Pro brand name and brand identity, as well as pictograms were also created. All of this has been done in a coherent way, taking into consideration the set of criteria of design communication. The design also takes into account cost-effective manufacturing considerations, which also enhances the market competitiveness of the measuring equipment.

Photo: Remion Design Kft.

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