Designers online video messaging

At the Budapest Design Week 2020, the Museum of Applied Arts, like other actors, will also join the line of programs with online content. The museum’s Department of Contemporary Design asked the designers of the objects in its collection to create a video message on their phone explaining why they considered it important that the object they were designating was included in the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts. During the Budapest Design Week, the video posts will be available on the museum's social media platforms and on its website.

With the advent of COVID-19, museums have also been forced to close their gates and communicate with their public in other ways. With this series, the Museum of Applied Arts chose a form of online message familiar to many of us during quarantine to convey the thoughts of the designers behind the objects to its visitors.

In the invitation, the museum staff is preoccupied with the cycle of information that flows through the museum between the object, its designer, and the museum audience. From the video series, we can get an answer to the question of what excites today's designers the most in the fact that the object they design has been included in a world-famous public collection.

“The series has a dual purpose: on the one hand, we want to be aware that the development of a public collection is a matter for all of us, every tax-paying Hungarian citizen has something to do with what aspects a Hungarian public collection is formed with, for designers, visitors can see who is behind the objects. On the other hand, we are also interested in what it means to designers, how much they use the museum as a medium to learn about the design they are planning. ”

The Museum of Applied Arts aims to make its collection more widely available and accessible. Contemporary designers share their views on the significance of public collections at the request of the Museum of Applied Arts.