KONYAMALAC - Zero Waste kitchen

Circular mini farm at home

10.1, 2. Join the Circle!, Design, Zero Waste, Product launch

Konyhamalac (Food Waste Grinder) – The concept of the Zero Waste kitchen, dreamed up by Anikó Rácz, the designer of Hannabi, which helps to create a circular mini-farm at home step by step.

The pursuit of the Zero Waste lifestyle has become increasingly popular in recent times, even though it is the most difficult part of an environmentally conscious lifestyle to implement. Not enough is the intention or the time spent on success, but a lot also depends on the purchasing opportunities and the capabilities of the home system. Behind its strong penetration lies a deep-rooted intention to better value our resources. Most of the garbage is generated in the kitchen, so the most important step is to reform our eating and purchasing habits so that we can return to harmonious coexistence with nature.

For the designer, Konyhamalac is a symbol of a simpler, greener, more natural life. Economic crises always involve paradigm shifts, and the current climate and epidemic situation has also brought a need or compulsion for many people to change their lifestyles. Anikó Rácz also strives to make change more attractive to people who find it a little harder to imagine a greener lifestyle. The 21st century, with its technological achievements, offers quite special opportunities for a sustainable yet quality lifestyle.

Those interested can view the kitchen plans and talk to the designer about the potential of the concept as well as their experiences with the Zero Waste lifestyle.

The event is free, but registration is required.