Makers' Evening

Fashion Design with Makers

10.8. 18:00 Design Management, Textile, Fashion, Jewellery, Conference, Lecture, discussion

In the first part of the evening, organizers will present the useful services of the Public Foundation to fashion design and craft companies, especially the microcredit scheme, which also helps start-ups that are not lent by a bank.

The EU-funded Interreg Europe CRAFTS CODE project will also be presented to encourage the acquisition and internationalization of business skills by craft SMEs. The organizers aim to improve the competitiveness of SMEs in the craft sector by developing a framework that encourages policy learning and capacity building activities, as well as improving the implementation of regional development programs through the involvement of decision-makers and international good practice.

In the second section, an integrator who brings together and supports artisans explains why artisans are sustainable in the first place, how they fit into circular economy, for example, using recyclable antique laces for their work to help fashion designers succeed internationally. The focus of the founders of HANDICRAFT ACADEMY: designers Orsolya Springer and Adrienne Körtvély, is to redefine traditional handicrafts at the couture level, teaching techniques that are a collaborative, top-level collaboration between the design and craft worlds. They consider it important for the fashion industry to move towards sustainability, with the aim of showing the positive and indispensable role of artisans in this. They develop community workshops and produce educational materials, an important part of which is the presentation of the market potential of craft activities and the steps leading to business goals.

In the third part of the event, online interactive networking will take place with the speakers and other participants (from here and beyond), questions will be answered in a personalized way and future collaborations can be established.