The Art of Calligraphy and Silk Painting

The Cycle of Nature

In the first half of the 5-hour workshop, visitors can discover the secrets of modern calligraphy with calligrapher Ági Tóth, as a result of which anyone will be able to create the most beautiful letters. In the second half of the workshop, under the guidance of textile designer Niki Cook, participants can color silk ribbons with plants: these natural shades magically highlight the beauty of handwritten letters, and can be festive accessories to plant-painted ribbons, gift boxes, bouquets, table decorations.

After the workshop, participants will take home a complete set, which includes a 3 meter plant-painted silk ribbon, an accompanying publication on plant painting, with recipes and descriptions of paint plants; 4 silk ribbon cards, a pen tip with a pen shank and ink, and a real hardwood pen relaxant and calligraphy practice sheets.

So what does the workshop contain?

- theoretical and practical knowledge of calligraphy and plant painting

- coloring of silk ribbons with plants

- complete calligraphy practice package