One man’s waste is another man’s resource

Cross-utilization & Recycling in the Building and Fashion Industries, and Industrial Design

10.7. 18:00 Join the Circle!, Design Management, Service Design, Lecture, discussion

The objects and spaces that surround us change very quickly. But where do they go? Is it possible to give a second life to our used clothes in the construction industry or create new spaces from dismantled furniture?

Sustainability as a guiding principle is at the core of many environmentally and socially responsible design companies. Circular production within a given sector is widely implemented, however, the concept of cross-utilizing each other’s recyclable products for creative solutions is less widespread.

Participants of our panel discussion are tackling the question of how different market players could be more connected, and how their activities could tie into a cross-sector circular chain.


Ida Kiss (DVM group, Head of Design)
Diana Apró (DVM group, Sustainability Consultant)
Veronica Pravato (Nanushka, Senior Sustainability Manager)
Kinga Székely (Nanushka, Sustainability Manager)
András Húnfalvi (Flying Objects, CEO)
Moderator: Zsuzsanna Hodován (DVM group, Service Designer)