How Digitisation Helps Compost Become Fresh Vegetables?

Planning Subscription Services Online Workshop Using Miro Board and Google Meet

10.6. 17:00 Join the Circle!, Design Management, UX Design, Workshop

How does digitization help make compost fresh vegetables? The organizers would like to discuss the issue as part of an online workshop, where they will take the steps of an environmentally sustainable, business-relevant and user-friendly digital product design together with those interested. In line with the central theme of Budapest Design Week, participants are invited to design a service that draws attention to circular management by examining subscription-based operating models and related payment solutions.

The idea is based on the idea that the consumer makes the organic waste produced in his home available to the producer, who in return provides him with seasonal vegetables that were grown on the waste. The digital product is responsible for structuring the cycle process, making resources predictable for participants; it provides a digital platform for connection and can respond to needs during use with additional features.

In the online workshop, those interested can follow the design process: research, problem definition, brainstorming, UX / UI prototyping, and testing along inspiring trends, examples, and patterns of behavior.

The organizers mainly expect designers who deal with product development, UX / UI, service design, and customer experience.