Hikers Tale

Exhibition by Domonkos Erhardt and the Red Studio

10.6-31, 11.1-29. Graphic Design, Animation, Photo, Media Design, Textile, Fashion, Jewellery, Exhibition, Product launch

Cooperation between Ykra and Piros Studio in the Fiók ceiling gallery.

Ykra backpacks, made of natural and sustainable raw materials, have been sold successfully by Fiók for many years. The brand aims to promote hiking, hiking, move people out of the city and motivate them to live a life closer to nature.

In addition to the basic pieces evoking the world of colors and shapes of the 70s, the brand often works with artists, too. The interactions between different art sectors are always exciting, which is also a kind of cycle: from basic concept to sample, from model to animation, from animation – thanks to the striking wall drawings of Domonkos Erhardt – an exhibition.