Hungarian design with Hungarian cork?

Online round table talk

10.6. 18:00 Lecture, discussion

What is happening and what could happen to used corks in Hungary? Would restaurants and the public be willing to collect? Would designers and manufacturers be open to their application? YouHU team is looking for answers to these questions during a public, joint brainstorming session during our online roundtable discussion, where representatives of the design, fashion, festival and wine industry will collide their opinions and perspectives.

Wine, champagne bottles can be given several types of closures (screw caps, plastic, cork, or glass stoppers), but a significant portion of them are definitely cork stoppers (due to the ceremonial opening of wine, traditions, and functionality). Cork is a material that is 100% degradable, has special and useful properties, is flexible, water-repellent, has excellent heat resistance and is a great sound insulator, if we consider only a few of its properties. In addition, the life of oak trees is increased by one and a half times by careful barking.

The aim of the youHU program is to draw the attention of designers, industry players and the general public to cork as a raw material, which is present in Hungary as a used cork stopper; and learn more about the willingness to collect and the potential for use of this special material.