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10.3-11. Ceramics, Porcelain, Glass, Textile, Fashion, Jewellery, Exhibition

The joint project of Réka Móré and Dóra Rea Kövér is related to the theme of this year's Budapest Design Week, although it approaches it from a more speculative side than in the context in which we can meet the word in connection with design. With their objects, they are related to the concept of nostalgia in the form of ceramic objects and jewelry.

Réka examines the mappability of nostalgia with her objects. Nostalgia is always false, as we can only return to its object in space, never in time. Réka researches the relationship between memory and reality with her objects, which is always recurring and constant.

Meanwhile, Rea tries to map the feeling of nostalgic recollections as objects. The recalled memory, even if it appears before us as an object, can never be like the experience we have experienced in reality, at most it can only recall the original. Our recollection, no matter how much we want, will let us down. The pieces in the debut collection are part of a small-edition series.