Exhibition of graphic designer Tamás Felsmann

Starting from this year, Ampersand International Exhibition includes, besides the open international call, a few independent exhibitions to emphasise the artistic side of graphic design and to showcase the oeuvre and current works of internationally acclaimed graphic experts who have undoubtedly created lasting value in their work. Mihály Munkácsy Award recipient graphic designer Tamás Felsmann, DLA clearly fits the bill: he is an unavoidably important and outstanding player of the Hungarian graphic designer scene and fine arts tertiary education. His oeuvre, which enriches the national culture, is characterised by artistic, intellectually refined and brilliantly executed graphic solutions and an almost inconceivable richness of detail. In his works, another recurring subject besides the architectural, geometric idiom is the representation of respect to Hungarian and universal culture and history. His works of art have been recognised in numerous international and Hungarian awards, and, unprecedented, he earned the grand prizes of the National Biennial of Graphic Design six times.

His latest works are displayed under the title ARGENTEUS ATLAS in a classicist villa with a special atmosphere, Lívia Villa on Svábhegy, between 9 to 25 October. The exhibition will be opened by György Konecsni Award recipient art historian Hédi Szepes.