A Simplified Lifestyle

Online roundtable discussion

During Spring of 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic changed us and the way we see the world around us for a lifetime.

One could experience that isolation caused different and particular difficulties to various social groups in several life situations, from parenting, to schooling, from the difficulties of teenagers, through women’s and men’s issues, to elderly care and more.

During the approximately 1-hour roundtable discussion, participants will seek answers to the following questions according to their area of expertise:

  • How does the phenomena of isolation change our material reality and our world?
  • How can we use our own resources and capabilities in a quarantine situation and what are the experiences that we should keep in the future?
  • What effect did physical distance have on our consumption and material culture?
  • How forward-looking it is to manage, produce from the available assets at home rather than procure (Do-it-Yourself)?
  • What tools could we use to ease the situation of isolation ?

The idea for the roundtable discussion was initiated by the Social Design Research Group of the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design Budapest’s Innovation Center. In the spring of 2020, the research team launched the MOME CARE PACK FOR ISOLATION package series, which boxes contains the basic tools and materials needed for a changed life situation in an online, downloadable form and can help you through similar situations of isolation like the fundamental changes caused by a pandemic.


Luca Frankó psychologist,

Bori Fehér DLA, social designer, architect, MOME

Janka Csernák, product designer, MOME

Bernadett Gyarmati, Zero Hero Hungary


Kitti Mayer, freelance design theorist