Dreaming Threads workshop

Workshop conducted by textile designer artist Eszter Révész

10.5, 6. Textile, Fashion, Jewellery, Workshop

The audience may look into the day-to-day life of textile designer studio Dreaming Threads. Those registering to the programme may learn about various base materials and weaving techniques. At the workshop conducted by textile designer Eszter Révész, visitors may prepare their own hand-woven wall art.

Dreaming Threads works with designing and preparing interior textiles in cooperation with multiple Hungarian and foreign manufacturers. Besides industrial weaving, their range of products includes hand-woven rugs and wall art in the FOLK-A-LOT collection, which focuses on a crossover of tradition and contemporary design. The reinterpretation of traditional motifs and innovative design solutions facilitate fitting their textiles in 21st century interiors. Eszter Révész received the Hungarian Design Award in 2018 for developing her unique high-plasticity woven materials. The textiles of Dreaming Threads tell about respect for tradition, commitment to design and passion for textile design and making.

At the workshop, visitors can learn about the “bubbles” weaving technique, which appears on the brand’s rugs and wall hangings alike. Workshop participants can prepare their own hand-woven wall hangings with the patterns, colours and cotton base materials of their choice.

Participation is subject to registration and the participation fee transferred in advance.