Glorious afterlife: paper, textile, silver, leather

Webinar with the creators of Rododendron

10.3. 11:00 Graphic Design, Animation, Photo, Media Design, Textile, Fashion, Jewellery, Lecture, discussion, Product launch, Webinar

Roundtable discussion on circular upcycling with Rododendron Art&Design Shop’s sustainability-championing creators.

Rododendron Art&Design Shop has been a home to hundreds of sustainable products and artworks since 2008. These objects represent not only the circulation of materials but their elevation to a higher, often artistic level. The managers of the design shop are hosting a roundtable discussion with the artists and designers most committed to sustainability and upcycling. The guests are Írisz Agócs illustrator (of bears and other beings), Krisztina Nagy minimalist leather designer (MIMIKRI), Barbara Dénes eco-jeweller (PlantEthics), Krisztián Torma design manager and publisher (NOTESS), and Tamás Seres graphic designer, typographer (Artista Labor).

At the time of the webinar’s premiere, Rododendron Art&Design Shop will host a watch party where the luckiest patrons will win the gifts created by the participating speakers.