Design Management Award certificate of merit: Pécsi Orgonaépítő Manufaktúra Kft.

10.1. Design Management Award, Article, Opening event

Design Management Awards were conferred on 1 October, where a certificate of merit was granted to Pécsi Orgonaépítő Manufaktúra Kft.

For the company founders Attila Budavári and Csaba Budavári, pipe organ building is a continuation of the world-famous tradition of the Angster factory in Pécs, where the brothers' ancestors worked in the former factory for several generations. Since 1992, the manufactory has built and restored more than a hundred pipe organs; inspired by the success of their modular chest organ, they submitted their entry to the design management competition. The instrument, which can be built in a portable form using traditional technology and is capable of combining different organ sounds through an infinite variety of pipework, is a textbook example of complex realisation with a high degree of attention to user needs and a high level of craftsmanship. The resulting product embodies the global need for innovation and versatility of use, in addition to the decades' worth of experience with the use of natural raw materials, traditional operations and realisation. The design thinking within the company spans from the designer's intuition through the integration of the entire process of organ building to marketing that is uniquely responsive to user needs. The Pécs Organ Building Manufactory is one of the few companies in the South Transdanubia region that has gained international recognition in its industry, creating value for the wider community. According to the professional credo expressed in the application and on the website, and also according to public opinion in Pécs, the innovative approach and entrepreneurial honesty of the Budavári brothers and their staff may be the key to the company's success, keeping alive a 150-year-old tradition by responding to the challenges of the day with the help of a historic musical instrument.

Background information

Hungary's largest organ-building workshop, which is also renowned at a European level, is staffed by skilled professionals who hold an in-depth knowledge of every step of this ancient discipline. The instruments made in the manufactory are all individually designed to fit perfectly into a given church, concert hall, music school or chapel space. Handcrafted traditions and 21st century instrument-making technology are combined in this new type of chest organ, which is the fruit of three years of development. Light and compact, this portable instrument combines the characteristics of the genre with innovative solutions. It is modular in design, meaning that it does not follow the style of a single period in music history, but can be used to produce a multitude of combinations of organ timbres owing to the choices of pipe ranks. The different sounds or individual soundscapes can be displayed separately or even simultaneously.

Design thinking is demonstrated in the simultaneous use of innovation and existing knowledge, and in the approach to combine design elements with business considerations in order to generate not only profits but also value.

About the Design Management Award

In more than a decade of the Design Management Award's existence, the concept of design management has become widely recognised. The Award has made its existence visible and understandable, highlighted its importance and provided a tangible, easily adaptable guide through the presentation of good practices and examples to follow. Gaining increasing recognition in the business world, the award has been awarded to winners whose entries represent a range of effective tools, from a brand identity that essentially reveals the given brand through the quality of customer care and progressive ways of product development to new management strategies. The results achieved demonstrate that the use of design is an advantage for the economy as a whole, regardless of the field of activity. In a broader sense, it supports setting objectives, constructing medium and long-term strategies, organising corporate structures, work processes and even human resources. Operation focused on design also helps managers react more readily to unexpected situations and adapt more effectively to rapid changes, granting them a competitive advantage that is essential in a volatile and increasingly complex market environment.

The usefulness of the initiative is confirmed by the diversity of the winners: in recent years, small and medium-sized enterprises, businesses, commercial companies and non-profit initiatives specifically dedicated to design have all won the award. The award was established by the Hungarian Design Council in 2009 with the aim of promoting the integrated application of design and its most remarkable achievements to professionals, business actors and the general public. The business competition showcases the activities of companies, institutions and organisations that have integrated design into their business operations in an exemplary way, applying it at all levels in everyday life, as well as in larger-scale processes and strategic decisions. The call for entries is launched every year by the Council, and anyone can nominate or enter their organisation or business for the award.

The online exhibition showcasing this year’s recipients of the Hungarian Design Award and the Design Management award is available for viewing here.