Circular Design Thinking in Practice

10.7-11. Join the Circle!, Design, Design Management, Lecture, discussion

Within CO&CO – CIRCULAR DESIGN THINKING IN PRACTICE, a series of presentations, discussions and interviews will be held in the second part of Budapest Design Week, which demonstrates circular thinking through practical examples at CO&CO’s partners active in such fields. These include open- source hardware, 3D printing and degradable materials market, automotive industry trends, models on the household products market, food industry outlooks, etc. All practical examples direct towards the circular economy and towards attaining Sustainable Developmental Targets, where this decade until 2030 is widely known to be about action, implementation and deeds. Applying theoretical knowledge in practice will represent the challenge of the decade. Thematic examples are equally important vis- à -vis designers, manufacturers, economic actors and users to see that “sustainable” circularity can be implemented in a day-to-day routine. On certain days, previously recorded Podcast presentations with CO&CO’s partners will be available to visitors at any of CO&CO’s on-line platforms.

The programme organiser, CO&CO Designcommunication has been around on the Hungarian and international design scene for nearly 20 years, having won Red Dot Design Awards in five product categories, an iF Design Award, a German Design Award, an A-Design, nearly a dozen Hungarian Design Awards, a total of 30 awards. In recognition of their works, they received the highest Hungarian honour for intellectual works, the Millennium Award by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office in 2019.

The programme manager of CO&CO – CIRCULAR DESIGN TRENDS, managing director and owner of Co&Co, designer and design manager Richárd Nagy graduated from MOME and has been researching the elements of a circular economy on the subject of sustainable design for 13 years, in MOME’s Doctoral School, among others. He is an expert on circular economy / blue economy (PTE – summer university – Günter Pauli), manager and designer of innumerable circular economy projects, one of his research projects won a Pioneer of the Year award from the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) - Climate-KIC PiP programme (Pioneer into Practice) in 2012. The other programme manager of CO&CO – CIRCULAR DESIGN THINKING IN PRACTICE, managing director and owner of CO&CO, designer and designer MA Gergely Hosszú, currently attending MOME Doctoral School, has participated in the management of PREMOME design department prep course for over a decade, and has been an expert for the HFDA board.