Botos Balázs

A peek into Balázs Botos' ceramics workshop

10.8. 16:00 Ceramics, Porcelain, Glass

If there is any humour and cheerfulness in object design, ceramics by Balázs Botos will surely excel in them. This time, he will show visitors around in his apartment workshop in Víg utca online, and will present his creations to them.

On paper, he is a designer and a goldsmith, still he has been captivated by ceramics. The jewellery and home décor objects by Balázs Botos are variegated, surprising and lovable in every bit. As he says, he creates objects that tear his customers away from their everyday lives and make them smile.

On that note, it comes as no surprise that his products include numerous forms and ideas, from colourful knife sharpeners to skull shaped brooches – to top it all, he has been working also on fairy tale-like figurines with his partner Hajnalka Harsányi. Balázs seeks to select his tools in an eco-conscious way that matches the small ecological footprint of ceramics: he sources his dishes and certain equipment from nearby restaurants.

Underlying the extravagant shaping of materials there is significant knowledge, for which the venue is provided by his apartment workshop located in Víg utca. As a participant of the series of programmes Open Studios, Balázs will present his environment and works online via his Instagram.