Black Room / Tastes in the Dark

gastro design workshop / Matók Zsuzsi - Nedill Food Design

Nedill Food Design: gastro designer Zsuzsi Matók often approaches the world of edible objects from an experimental side – in addition to her applied food designs (used mainly in the movie and photography business). She creates special food-artifact concepts that, in terms of aesthetics, are quite far from anything we previously thought about food. She makes more and more experiments with colors, textures, kitchen technology and, of course, flavors.

During her food design workshop under the title Black Room, Zsuzsi Matók will talk about the mysteries and basic concepts of the gastro-design and food stylist professions, while the participants will also be given a task: by rethinking a Japanese dessert recipe, different shapes and flavors can be created. The event will be completed in the “Black Room”, where participants will be able to share the finished mini desserts in a secret room with a special interior. By the end of the workshop, a harmony of light, sound, smell and tastes will be created - all the senses will be needed!