Beton TV

Online workshop

10.6. 17:00 Architecture, Interior Design, Workshop

VPI Beton is the most important concrete street furniture design and manufacturing company in Hungary. In developing their products, they strive for an innovative approach through continuous experimentation. They work exclusively with self-developed, high-strength concrete mixes that allow the creation of slim and complex shapes, heavy-duty structures, and unusually fine surfaces.

VPI Beton team introduces those interested to the mysteries of concreting in a live broadcast, in the form of a nearly one-hour video. The program not only sheds light on the technique of home casting, but also on the raw material itself and the technology. The video will instruct participants in an easy style, similar to cooking shows. The list of ingredients needed for the preparation will also be available in advance.

The broadcast is primarily aimed at non-professional audiences and will remain available even after the live login, so anyone who doesn’t reach it at the given time can learn the science of concreting. In addition to its own interfaces and Facebook event, the program will be promoted in the architectural press. VPI Beton provides free takeaway material for the workshop for 50 participants.