An-Dani Collection

Exhibition of a Collection by Industrial Designer Andrea Keresű and Her Son with Down Syndrome

Kesha (Andrea Kesserű) worked as a costume designer in theaters for years, but did not continue working after the birth of her children. Her theatrical past helped her later museum pedagogical work: she knows no discarded material that could not be used for something. To the delight of children and adults, she melted and still melts waste plexiglass in workshops. The material moves and sits, almost alive as it receives heat and then freezes, enclosing the tiny, personal treasure they put together - because what else would a textile and leather do than crumpl the material? Since then, she has also learned to polish, looking for newer materials to associate with his jewelry and accessories. Spectacle lenses, wood and horn form the basis of the objects he makes.

The collection to be presented at the exhibition consists of multi-functional bags and their well-combined jewelry, as well as pieces decorated with drawings of her son Dani, born with down syndrome: the AN-DANI collection. The latter has been developed for years, which Dani is also very proud of – in the meantime mother and son have gained international fame. Andrea, as the designer of the collection, does her thing, and Dani, as an artist, does her own way, incorporating his own stories into his charming figures – and the audience likes to wear these special, modern-lined, clean, high-quality pieces.