Ampersand 2020 International Exhibition

Logo / Pictogram / Ampersand

This year marks the second time that the Ampersand civil society association has announced, in partnership with the Society of Downtown Artists, its international call for applications in the field of open graphic design. The initiative aims to present Hungarian design and graphic design even on the international scene after Hungary, and even in an exhibition organised in Hungary to top the international successes of excellent designers.

Entries in the open call are displayed in the Nádor Gallery, just like last year. The subject this year involves logos and pictograms, in addition to the ampersand. Because logo design has great traditions in Hungary, the entries this time were expected to include artistic compositions in logo or pictogram design. The over one hundred Hungarian and foreign artists have sent over three hundred entries from places ranging from the United States through Japan to Europe; a selection of the works will be exhibited in the Nádor Gallery, the exhibition will be opened by Hungarian Artist of Merit Award recipient Ernő Sára.

The entries submitted for the open call and selected for the exhibition are included in a catalogue.