The story of the Hunting Lodge in Szentendre

Photo exhibition and storytelling with interior architect Eszter Radnóczy

The Hunting Lodge was built in 1936 according to the plans of Ervin Quittner in Szentendre, which was used by count Tamás Szécsényi as his summer residence. A holiday residence built on the Danube bank and owned by the count who liked hunting wild goose, the house had a porch and even a berth for flat bottomed boats at its gate, due to the vicinity of the river.

Currently operating in the building, architecture office este’r partners rehabilitated the house from its ruins eight years ago, which had been used public housing after its nationalisation. The renovation called for professional humility, respect for the genius loci, devotion and creativity: Eszter Radnóczy and her team renovated the Hunting Lodge with Szentendre-based bricklayers and with respect for the original designs to a maximum, which today is a bustling, teeming creative space of their interior architecture office. The building is also a studio: it accommodates works by Béla Apáti Abkarovics.

Being a programme of Budapest Design Week, este’r partners hold an open-aid photo exhibition in the garden of its Szentendre studio, the Hunting Lodge, which is available to visitors for viewing at the time and date below. At the opening event, lead designer of este’r partners Eszter Radnóczy will speak about the exciting and challenging story of the house and its renovation.

Opening presentation: 17:00 on 6 October 2020

Participation is subject to registration.