75 years - 75 chairs

Oeuvre exhibition of furniture designer János Vásárhelyi

10.3-11. Architecture, Interior Design, Design, Exhibition

Furniture designer János Vásárhelyi, one of the most prominent Hungarian designers in the history of Hungarian furniture production, including chair production, the esteemed personality of the profession of interior designer and furniture designer, turned 75 in August 2020.

The processing of the oeuvre started already at the beginning of the year. Since then, the inventory of nearly 117 furniture families designed by János Vásárhelyi, including 420 different chairs, armchairs, armchairs, sofas, tables, cabinets and shelves, have been completed.

Several of János Vásárhelyi's furniture are still in production today and can be purchased commercially. The chairs he designed – as a successful product of several Hungarian furniture factories – reached European and American users as well.

The visitor can see 75 pieces of the realized and manufactured furniture in the online exhibition, most of these being chairs or armchairs.

The exhibition is based on the idea and is curated by Csaba Jakab and Attila László Márton. Organizing partner: Hungarian Furniture Association. Professional partners: Hungarian Design Council and Budapest Design Week. The organization of the exhibition is supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts and the College of Applied Arts of the NKA.