Our list of programmes is complete!

2020. 09. 29. 17:45 News

Short films about design solutions applied in response to the Covid-19 situation, inspirational contents addressing the issues of sustainability and the circular economy, online exhibitions, webinars and loads of other programmes: Hungary’s largest and most popular design event, Budapest Design Week is expecting the audience with more online programmes than ever before. In addition to the programmes available on this website and on our Facebook page, visitors can attend numerous offline programmes naturally this year, too – from exhibitions to workshops and studio visits. Guidance for the roughly 150 programmes is offered by a practical programme search function, which helps filter events by various keywords.

Some of the programmes will be presented duly timed during Budapest Design Week festival – please check in for new contents!

Just a few special programmes from this year’s selection:

Open Studios – online and offline studio visits

My favourite object – designers and public figures talk about their favourite objects

No quitting! online exhibition on thrilling, fresh projects addressing the issues of circularity (coming soon!)

Where next? creative industry school fair (coming soon!)

Budapest Design Map – the most exciting design venues in Budapest, from shops to museums (coming soon!)

Join the circle! short films about Hungarian enterprises that provide inspiration on the topic of sustainability and the circular economy (coming soon!)

Covid-19 x Design: short films about Hungarian design initiatives inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic (coming soon!)

Introduction of the recipients of the Hungarian Design Award and the Design Management Award (coming soon!)

Start Up Guide live! webinar on business development (coming soon!)