October 10.


Exhibition and talks

Artus Studio
1117 Budapest, Sztregova Str. 7.
10 October, 10:00
7 October – 5 November, Tue-Sun 12:00-18:00

Danish Design Award is the highest recognition to be earned by designers, manufacturers, products or services in Denmark. The prize is awarded jointly by Design Denmark and Danish Design Centre, putting into the limelight the solutions that did the most for society each year. The exhibition presents the finalists and winners of the Danish Design Award in 18 categories through tableaux and detailed descriptions, offering a comprehensive review of the latest achievements of Danish design.

CANCELED: The exhibition will be complemented by two talks, where Design Denmark and its activities will be presented by Mr. Heinrik Weiglin, CEO of Design Denmark, and Ms. Pil Bredahl, leading designer of the institution.

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