October 12, 14.

Business Design - Design challenges in large enterprises

roundtable discussion & workshop

Roundtable discussion
12 October, 18:30-20:30
Roundtable discussion venue
Mosaik (1136 Budapest, Pannónia Rd. 32.)
14 October, 14:00-18:00
Workshop venue
Padlás Workshop
Workshop registration
Workshop participants
max. 18 guests

In the course of the moderated debate, representatives invited from both the design and the business scene will talk about the challenges they face when applying design to the business area. 
At the creative workshop, participants will design solutions for the most critical issues by using rapid idea generation tools.

October 12-14.

Starting Point

Exhibition, presentation, discussion

METU Campus
1077 Budapest, Rózsa Str. 4-6.
entrance from Hutyra F. street
12–14 October, 12:00-18:00
12 October, 18:00

The program offered by METU aims to call attention to the everyday humanity and the creative spirit of mindful presence which underpins hygge, the Danish art of living well. Student works, lecture and open discussion, board games and music, nice food and drinks are waiting for those who join them. Opening speech will be held by András Nagy, associate professor, writer, esthete.

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