October 5.

  • 14:00



Museum of Applied Arts
1091 Budapest, Üllői Str. 33-37.
5 October, 14:00
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Lecture in English.
max. 200 guests

Born in Cyprus, Michael Anastassiades originally graduated as a civil engineer, and founded his own studio in 1994, which created the interior decoration brand under his name in 2007. The works of Anastassiades balance on the border of industrial design and sculpture, often incorporating the surrounding space into the work of art itself. His geometric lamps, mirrors and accessories seem afloat in the space owing to the conscious use of light and shadow, shiny and matte materials, as well as reflective surfaces, and look more like works of plastic art rather than functional objects of use. Due to his individual approach, his uncompromising attitude in terms of quality, and his delicate minimalism, Anastassiades today works with architects like David Chipperfield or John Pawson, and cooperates with brands like Flos or Herman Miller. His works are on permanent display in the Museum of Modern Art, V&A, MAK Vienna and a number of other museums.

October 5-14.


contemporary jewelry exhibition

FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture
1052 Petőfi Sándor Str. 5.
5–14 October, Mon 13:00-21:00, Wed-Fri 13:00-21:00, Sat-Sun 11:00--21:00 (Tuesday closed)
Opening & performance
5 October, 19:00
Finissage & performance
14 October, 20:00

H6 is group of six young jewelry designers. Six different relationships with jewelry, six different ways of thinking. One of them re-imagines the concept of jewelry with light, dance and space. Some of them give new meaning to how jewelry is worn by finding alternative uses for materials. Some are able to demonstrate the echelons of society with one jewelry collection. Their works differ but their common goal is to tell a story with jewelry. Be part of their story!

Designers: Anna Börcsök, Veronika Fazekas, Fruzsi Fekete, Kinga Horányi, Zsófia Neuzer, Nóra Tengely

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