October 9, 11, 13.

Smarthu – a community company

Workshops and freelancer breakfast

1062 Budapest, Andrássy Rd. 66.
doorbell: 37
Workshop I.: My brand
9 October, 18-20
Workshop II.: My market
11 October, 18-20
Freelancer breakfast
13 October, 8:00
Registration required: info@smart-hu.org

At SMarthu’s practice oriented workshops, you will be able to utilize the unique values of your brand. The workshop will also help in reaching your target audience more effectively. At the breakfast, you will be able to meet other freelancers – find new friends and inspiration.

Freelancers Lab by SMarthuWorkshop I.: My brand

Practice oriented teamwork, through which you can look at your products or services from a different perspective. After the workshop you will be able to utilize the advantages of your personal brand and the unique values and benefits only you can offer on the market.

Participation fee: 2500 Ft/fő

Freelancers Lab by SMarthu - Workshop II.: My market

Most freelancers are cautious when it comes to sales. Do you like your job, but find it hard to monetize your talents? If that's the case, this workshop is for you. It helps you better know your target audience and teaches you ways to reacht hem most effectively.

Participation fee: 2500 Ft/fő

Freelancers reggeli by SMarthu

Start the day with a fine breakfast, and meet with other freelancers. You can share your experiences and find solutions to your questions. And who knows, you might also find your next project partner or your client here!

free entry

Registration: (max. 60 guest by events): info@smart-hu.org