October 7-15.



Artus Studio
1117 Budapest, Sztregova Str. 7.
7 October – 5 November, Tue-Sun 12:00-18:00

In line with this year’s slogan, the opening exhibition of Budapest Design Week is primarily intended to offer an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises launched after the regime change to introduce themselves. The majority of the presented projects involve products already manufactured or easily suited for serial production with little further development; moreover, some exciting experimental concepts are also flashed to evoke thoughts in visitors.

The projects curated for the exhibition were inspired by the rich mineral resources, diverse flora, rivers and excellent mineral waters, as well as the mineral-rich soil that sustains industrial crop growth in the Carpathian Basin – this being the starting point (or the start line, if you like), which is available to anyone, and which is a unique and unmistakeable feature in Hungary. The exhibition presents artworks that, even if implicitly, direct attention to the values of natural resources, through their use of material and the symbolism of working it: putting sustainability into the focus, they wish to use the means of design to raise users’ awareness of the value of natural resources around us, as well as their own responsibility as designers and consumers in preserving and passing them on.

Expert: Andor Wesselényi-Garay
Curator: Hungarian Design Council / Budapest Design Week project team


7 October – 5 November, Tue-Sun 12:00-18:00