October 12-15.


Exhibition and fashion performance of students' works of Mod'Art International Hungary

Zuglói Ifjúsági Centrum
1145 Uzsoki u. 57.
12 October - 3 November, Mon-Fri 9:00-19:00, Sat (according to programmes)
12 October, 18:00

What is fashion illustration, fashion drawing, fashion graphics? Why do fashion designers prepare fashion illustrations? And how can they be exhibited?

Fashion does not exist without fashion drawings and fashion illustrations which have a very important role in the fashion industry, fashion education as well as in presentations. Fashion drawings are the kind of prints that are able to represent the mood and style of a clothing or a whole collection and at the same time they reflect the individuality and arspoetica of the designer.

Engravings of Dürer, settings of Ingres, pastels of Degas, the compositions of traditional Japanese paintings, minimalism, aesthetics of art nouveau, the psychedelic styles of the sixties and the seventies, naive arts are all some examples of the traditions and many techniques of fashion illustrations.

The students of Mod’ArtInterantional Hungary learn these techniques and styles for two years. The students are being encouraged to develop their own style, to experiment the different techniques, to find their unique artistic style and language. Out of the many experiments, a lot of precious fashion graphics and illustrations are born, that become beautiful pieces of art. Our exhibition displays a collection of the best works.

At the opening ceremony a special performance shows the audience how these fashion drawings come alive and become wearable clothing. The performance shows the connection between the idea and the completed clothing itself. The showcased clothes are also a collection of Mod’Art students’ works.